Frequently Asked Questions

As India's premier online job search service exclusively for senior management hiring, we attract qualified and responsive candidates across industries and locations. Each profile on HeadHonchos is hand-screened to ensure an authentic and updated database of senior professionals. In addition, we offer various features and tools that build efficiencies into your senior hiring processes.
In case, you are the Administrator, ensure that you have entered the right User ID and password. If you are still unable to login, you may contact our team on the following numbers between Monday to Friday, IST 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m: North & East Region: +91 95999 50375 West Region: +91 22 6662 3738 South Region: +91 90084 32041 As a sub-user, check with the Administrator that your User account is valid and confirm the User ID and Password.
Only the Administrator can change the E-mail address. As an Administrator, to change the registered email ID go to Admin and select Update Profile. Enter your new Email ID in the ‘Contact information’ section and save the changes made.
In case, you are a Sub-User and want to change your E-mail ID, inform the Administrator. The administrator will then change your E-mail ID as required.
To create user accounts on HeadHonchos, go to Admin and select User Accounts. Click on the Create Users link, enter all compulsory information and click on Submit. Use this process to create as many sub-users as required.
By creating sub-user accounts, the administrator gives rights to sub-users to post jobs or search profiles on HeadHonchos. This helps in expediting the recruitment process of an organisation.
To change your HeadHonchos password, go to Admin. Click on the 'Change password' link in My Account. Enter the new Password confirm the changes by clicking on 'Save'.
A 'Forgot Password?' link is provided on the Employer home page and the employer Login page. Click on the link and provide your Email ID as required, and we will send you the link to reset your Password. Click on this link to set a new password.